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Just Sold – Probate Sale – Gardena

Probate Sale. The CREM Group is proud to have sold another probate property. This 1922 single family home has 2,668 sqft of livable space with 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. Court confirmation was not required as apart of this probate sale, meanin...

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New Standard Sale – Valley Village

Standard Sale. This wonderfully cared for three bedroom two bathroom home in the cozy heart of Valley Village is ready for a family of any type to nestle into its warm interior spaces and enjoy private evenings in the spacious backyard. Updated...

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Coming Soon – Probate Sale – Reseda

Probate Sale. Coming Soon! The CREM Group is bringing another probate property to market. This valley based condo will make a great first home for a potential buyer. The property is a 2 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom condo. Recently renovated. The prope...

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Real Estate Transactions in a Post-Pandemic Market

What Should Buyers and Sellers Be Thinking Now?   Is the pandemic over? We wish we had a crystal ball! The CREM Group has experience in and an understanding of real estate in Southern California’s Los Angeles and Orange counti...

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What is a Trust?

What's a Trust?   In a recent CREM Group journal entry, we made our readers aware that the best way to avoid probate is to open a trust. It sounds easy. But some people are still a little hazy on the meaning of the word, so we thou...

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Things to Know: Real Estate & Social-Distancing

3+ Things to Know About Real Estate in a Social-Distance World (Technology, Technology, Technology + Value)   In the “old days,” there were only three things to know about real estate: location, location, and location. With t...

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How Do You Avoid Probate?

How Do You Avoid Probate?   Open a Living Trust!   The CREM Group prides itself on handling probate real estate, which is different from “regular” real estate. So, why are we telling people how to avoid probat...

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