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Saving Property Tax Basis

Over the many years we have been in the probate real estate business, our CREM Group professionals have had a few clients who were surprised that having a property change ownership can trigger a reassessment of the family home for property ta...

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Trust Real Estate

In Escrow – Trust Sale – Pomona

Trust Sale. We are now under contract. This house will make a beautiful home for its new buyer and we could not be more pleased with the outcome. The property is a 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom home that was built in 1979. The lot is just over 9,000 sq...

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Sell “as-is” vs. Renovate then sell?

      In probate and trust real estate sales, there is one question that almost always comes up after the decision to sell has been made; should we sell the property (or properties) in the estate/trust “as-is” or should we improve it and...

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