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Probate Is Not a Negligée Kind of Topic

So, yes, probate is more of a flannel pajamas sort of thing, but people lose sleep over probate—especially if they have not put their assets in a Revocable Living Trust. The idea of having one’s family have to try to sell real properties th...

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Trust Real Estate

New Trust Sale – Pomona

Trust Sale. The CREM Group is proud to bring another Trust sale to the market. The property is currently 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom home that was built in 1979! The property is to be sold "as-is." Court confirmation is not required as apart of this ...

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Things to Know: Real Estate & Social-Distancing

3+ Things to Know About Real Estate in a Social-Distance World (Technology, Technology, Technology + Value)   In the “old days,” there were only three things to know about real estate: location, location, and location. With t...

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