Avoiding Common Mistakes in Selling Probate Real Estate

Okay. You’ve just found out your relative has passed on and you are the trustee of their trust. Or perhaps there’s no trust. It’s often a difficult time, but if the deceased has a home that is not in a trust, the property must go through probate to be transferred or sold, which we will discuss below. The property at that point is called probate property. Meanwhile, you’re not even sure what a house in probate is, and maybe, just maybe, you need the money from the sale! If you need the money from the sale right away, you might be in too much of a hurry and make some mistakes. Don’t rush it.

Selling a Home in Probate Can be Tricky

You’ve probably bought and sold houses over the years as you’ve changed jobs, for instance, but a probate sale is not the same. Layers of laws protect all the parties surrounding a normal residential deal in California, but the sale of a home in probate in this state is even more complicated—and therefore more open to mistakes. Here are four you won’t want to make.

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