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Living Trust?

In deciding whether to create a living trust, it’s probably prudent to first understand the pros and cons of having a trust vs. not having a trust. If someone has not created a valid trust by the time they die, their estate must typically go ...

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When, Why, and How to Choose a Probate Realtor

When should I consider a probate Realtor? When someone passes away without a trust, his or her estate will typically go through a process called “probate.” Probate is a court-supervised process that is required to legally transfer owner...

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I can’t emphasize it enough, Daniel and his team are top notch! After having sold multiple properties here in Long Beach, both personal residences and investment properties, Daniel’s amazing attention to detail and clear communication has m...

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Brett & Susan

Mark and Daniel made my choice in real estate agents very easy. From our first meeting, 'till the home was sold, it was the smoothest transaction ever. I cannot say enough about how much I appreciate the attention to detail in everything I do, ...

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Daniel helped sell my home for 45K above list price. We had multiple offers above list price and an excepted offer within 2 weeks. Escrow was very easy and wrapped in less than 30 days.

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My wife and I are typically not the review type, however, we were compelled to share our experience with the public. Mark and the CREM Group team were very professional and thorough during the listing process. Looking back, we could not feel be...

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